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  • Curved Hook and Jab Pads
    Designed for partner work, these pads provide a target to hit with combinations of hooks and jabs. The dual density palm pads ensure that it’s the pads that take the beating and not the hands. An individual section for each finger allows you to spread your hand wide to receive hooks, while the in..
    Designed for partner work, these...
  • FOCUS PRO™ Punchbag
    Our Pro range of punchbags feature dense and compact foam formed around a weighted core. Like our Freestanding Bag, this FOCUS PRO™ bag comes complete with target zones, helping you to recreate the perfect head or body shot. Added realism – this bag has been manufactured to create that little bit..
    Our Pro range of punchbags featu...
  • Freestanding Punch Bag
    This heavy-duty, freestanding technique bag has been built to stand the test of time – it’s tough with an understated, functional design. Durable – this medium duty bag, designed for frequent use, features a special formulation foam base which is stronger and more resilient than plastic alternati..
    This heavy-duty, freestanding te...
  • HEAVY PRO™ Punchbag
    A step up from the more traditional bags that are out there, this heavy duty bag packs a real punch and is more suited to heavy hitters and serious boxers. Tough but comfortable – the double layered synthetic leather canvas is forgiving on hands and wrists, no matter what punishment is dished out..
    A step up from the more traditio...
  • UPPER CUT PRO™ Punchbag
    Our UPPER CUT PRO™ punchbag combines the benefits of a straight punchbag, floor to ceiling ball and maize ball. This 3-in-1 bag means users can simultaneously work on punching technique, hand and eye co-ordination and get those feet moving while honing their uppercuts. Tough material and construc..
    Our UPPER CUT PRO™ punchbag comb...
  • Cross Training Jump Rope
    The Escape Cross Training Jump Rope is the perfect way to incorporate jump-based routines into cross training programmes. Designed for ultimate performance - Designed with passionate cross training enthusiasts in mind, this ultra thin rope is the perfect training tool for those who want to perfec..
    The Escape Cross Training Jump R...