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  • FOCUS PRO™ Punchbag
    Our Pro range of punchbags feature dense and compact foam formed around a weighted core. Like our Freestanding Bag, this FOCUS PRO™ bag comes complete with target zones, helping you to recreate the perfect head or body shot. Added realism – this bag has been manufactured to create that little bit..
    Our Pro range of punchbags featu...
  • Freestanding Punch Bag
    This heavy-duty, freestanding technique bag has been built to stand the test of time – it’s tough with an understated, functional design. Durable – this medium duty bag, designed for frequent use, features a special formulation foam base which is stronger and more resilient than plastic alternati..
    This heavy-duty, freestanding te...
  • HEAVY PRO™ Punchbag
    A step up from the more traditional bags that are out there, this heavy duty bag packs a real punch and is more suited to heavy hitters and serious boxers. Tough but comfortable – the double layered synthetic leather canvas is forgiving on hands and wrists, no matter what punishment is dished out..
    A step up from the more traditio...
  • UPPER CUT PRO™ Punchbag
    Our UPPER CUT PRO™ punchbag combines the benefits of a straight punchbag, floor to ceiling ball and maize ball. This 3-in-1 bag means users can simultaneously work on punching technique, hand and eye co-ordination and get those feet moving while honing their uppercuts. Tough material and construc..
    Our UPPER CUT PRO™ punchbag comb...
  • Speed Bag
  • Training Bag
    This punchbag is filled in the traditional way with recycled rags and fabric to create a bag that hits the mark when it comes to providing a total body workout and is perfect for kicks, punches, knees and elbows. It may be the cheapest bag we offer but pound for pound it still delivers a knockout pe..
    This punchbag is filled in the t...