FOCUS PRO™ Punchbag

FOCUS PRO™ Punchbag

Brand: Escape Fitness
Product Code: EBOX-EHPB
Price: $559.00

Our Pro range of punchbags feature dense and compact foam formed around a weighted core. Like our Freestanding Bag, this FOCUS PRO™ bag comes complete with target zones, helping you to recreate the perfect head or body shot.

Added realism – this bag has been manufactured to create that little bit of ‘give’ for a more realistic sensation when hit. The extra length also makes this bag ideal for kicking drills.

The targets enable trainers to not only improve a client’s hand-eye co-ordination but also to challenge and enhance reaction time.

The bag maintains its original shape as the outer layer of EVA foam is bonded from dual density foam ensuring the target areas will not break down over time.

Specifications: Size 350mm x 1300mm. Weight 41kg.

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