Gloves and Pads

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  • Curved Hook and Jab Pads
    Designed for partner work, these pads provide a target to hit with combinations of hooks and jabs. The dual density palm pads ensure that it’s the pads that take the beating and not the hands. An individual section for each finger allows you to spread your hand wide to receive hooks, while the in..
    Designed for partner work, these...
  • Punch Mitts
    Unisex mitts featuring high quality urethane with pre-formed heavy padding and easy pull-on elasticated closing system. Perfect for pad work providing safety and comfort. ..
    Unisex mitts featuring high qual...
  • Training Gloves
    Made out of the highest quality urethane, these gloves are light but strong, firm on the strike zone but cushioned on the palm with a ventilated grip to maximise airflow. The Velcro wristband wraps around from the inside outwards to speed fitting and removal – perfect if used as part of a high-paced..
    Made out of the highest quality ...
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