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  • Fitness Jump Rope
    The Fitness Jump Rope is a versatile rope that will fit perfectly into your fitness facility. This 5mm rope is ideal for beginners, but also seasoned jump ropers who want to incorporate it into more complex workout routines. A great practice to improve endurance, coordination and timing – as tech..
    The Fitness Jump Rope is a versa...
  • Heavy Duty Wall Bracket
    Heavy-duty wall bracket with integrated swivel has been designed for use with bags up to 60kg. The heavy steel support frame reduces vibration and extends the bag 1050mm away from the wall. To optimise bracket performance it must be used with the shock spring supplied. Chain not included Profess..
    Heavy-duty wall bracket with int...
  • Leather Jump Rope
    The Leather jump rope from Escape is a heavier rope – it is perfect for specialist combat and boxing gyms to condition and challenge both pro and amateur athletes. The weight of the rope means the end user has to work harder to achieve good rotations - working the upper body and the arms to get t..
    The Leather jump rope from Escap...
  • Punch Mitts
    Unisex mitts featuring high quality urethane with pre-formed heavy padding and easy pull-on elasticated closing system. Perfect for pad work providing safety and comfort. ..
    Unisex mitts featuring high qual...
  • Speed Bag
  • Speedbag Platform
    One of the most durable, adjustable height speedbag platforms available, specifically designed to withstand the demands of a heavy use environment. The heavy steel support bars prevent vibration normally associated with lighter platforms.   Product Features: Speedbag Swivel included ..
    One of the most durable, adjusta...