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  • SBX™ Dumbbells
    SBX™ is a material unique to Escape that performs better than natural rubber – it’s very durable and tough. The urethane end plate uses our patented fixing system, which means they’ll never work loose or fall off. What can they be used for? These dumbbells can be used for all fitness applicatio..
    SBX™ is a material unique to Esc...
    From $115.00
  • SBX™ Olympic Rubber Plates
    We took the design of our Urethane Cross Grip Plates and adapted it for our SBX™ Plates to improve functionality. Tough – our SBX™ rubber has been developed with industry experts to provide added durability to weighted gym equipment. The easy-grip handles ensure smoother and more effectiv..
    We took the design of our Uretha...
    From $15.00
  • Single Torso Trainer
    A diverse multi-planar training tool great for total body strength and power workouts, enabling the user to add rotation to traditional power patterns. Specifications: Size 650mm x 930mm x 390mm. Weight 23kg. We recommend this product is used with bumper plates. ..
    A diverse multi-planar training ...
    From $499.00
  • Slamball
    Don’t be fooled by the forgiving, textured grip, the Slamball will make you work hard thanks to an unstable deadweight that will push you to the limit and challenge every muscle. The textured surface offers improved grip and allows users to put everything they’ve got into slamming it to the floor..
    Don’t be fooled by the forgiving...
    From $30.00
  • Speed Cones
    Perfect for speed drills and marking targets, our cones are portable and hard-wearing. A truly versatile product. Our cones are very stable thanks to their wide base, while the height creates a visual impact and user focus. Tough and made out of crush-resistant materials, these cones add purpo..
    Perfect for speed drills and mar...
  • Speed Discs
    Set the discs out in lanes, squares, zigzags or even as targets on the ground. With this simplest of products your creativity is the only barrier to success. High visibility cones make it easy to define space and create multiple layouts in the studio, functional area or outdoors. The gloss fin..
    Set the discs out in lanes, squa...