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  • Core Mat
    Whatever your exercise needs – stretching, mind, body and balance – this specially formulated non-slip foam base is perfect. This easy to clean and hygienic mat is ideal for the studio and small group training where it can be quickly wiped down and used again. Welded and laminated foam and P..
    Whatever your exercise needs –...
    From $34.00
  • Core Momentum Trainer
    The Core Momentum Trainer (CMT) is all about developing the core of the body. Available in 1kg, 2kg and 4kg weights, the lubricated steel shot inside the CMT collides with the cavity walls and this force transfers to the user. It’s a significant force and you have to work hard to precisely contro..
    The Core Momentum Trainer (CMT) ...
    From $110.00
  • Corebag
    Improved design, thicker and tougher material, the COREBAG® maximises core muscles to a greater degree than any other traditional weights workout, making it the ultimate fitness tool. Highly durable and versatile, the range of weights and grip positions means the bag can cope with all types of wo..
    Improved design, thicker and tou...
    From $75.00
  • Cross Training Bumper Plates
    Recessed finger grips and a textured surface allow you to easily separate these plates, pick them up off the floor and place them on the bar. Perfect for use in cross training drills and other weight training. Versatile – these plates are great for crosstraining exercises and Olympic lifting. Ple..
    Recessed finger grips and a text...
    From $110.00
  • Cross Training Jump Rope
    The Escape Cross Training Jump Rope is the perfect way to incorporate jump-based routines into cross training programmes. Designed for ultimate performance - Designed with passionate cross training enthusiasts in mind, this ultra thin rope is the perfect training tool for those who want to perfec..
    The Escape Cross Training Jump R...
  • Curl Bar
    The ideal bar for performing bicep and tricep curls and extensions. Specifications: Size 1200mm. Weight 9kg. ..
    The ideal bar for performing bic...