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  • Heavy Duty Wall Bracket
    Heavy-duty wall bracket with integrated swivel has been designed for use with bags up to 60kg. The heavy steel support frame reduces vibration and extends the bag 1050mm away from the wall. To optimise bracket performance it must be used with the shock spring supplied. Chain not included Profess..
    Heavy-duty wall bracket with int...
  • Individual Cross Grip Olympic Plates
    Whether you’re lifting with a bar or using a plate loading machine, our urethane discs are manufactured to be tough and versatile, making them the ideal training tool. Guaranteed accuracy to within +/-1.6% for 1.5kg to 5kg and +/-1% for 5kg to 25kg weights. Ergonomic handles allow users to pic..
    Whether you’re lifting with a ba...
    From $40.00
  • Individual SBX™ Barbells
    Fixed Barbells enable users to perform fundamental lifts and strength movements. Manufactured using our SBX™ rubber, these Barbells are hard-wearing and shock absorbing. ..
    Fixed Barbells enable users to p...
    From $875.00
  • Lateral Endurance Hurdle
    Made from soft memory foam, these soft hurdles are perfect for high intensity speed and agility drills. Safe – our hurdles feature a waterproof and wipe clean surface with a carefully counterbalanced base to provide stability. Innovative ‘soft’ construction ensures users will not hurt themselv..
    Made from soft memory foam, thes...
  • Lateral Speed Resistor
    The ultimate tool for developing leg power and increasing joint stability for increased explosiveness. Easy to use – the quick-fit ankle straps are joined together by a robust resistance tube with a nylon outer sleeve. The resistor features a padded, adjustable ankle cuff for reduced friction ..
    The ultimate tool for developing...
  • Leather Jump Rope
    The Leather jump rope from Escape is a heavier rope – it is perfect for specialist combat and boxing gyms to condition and challenge both pro and amateur athletes. The weight of the rope means the end user has to work harder to achieve good rotations - working the upper body and the arms to get t..
    The Leather jump rope from Escap...