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  • Power Bands
    Power Bands allow you to develop explosive strength, power and speed.  By securing the bands to barbells, dumbbells and machines the bands provide progressive resistance for traditional exercises such as squats or bench presses.  Heavy-duty workout bands can be used for general strength tr..
    Power Bands allow you to develop...
    From $20.00
  • Power Tubes (with covering)
    Our Power Tubes come in a standard length of 1220mm regardless of resistance level. The elasticised tube is encased in a protective outer covering for added safety. Lightweight, colour-coded design means they are perfect for a busy studio environment or the travelling personal trainer. Leve..
    Our Power Tubes come in a standa...
    From $20.00
  • Punch Mitts
    Unisex mitts featuring high quality urethane with pre-formed heavy padding and easy pull-on elasticated closing system. Perfect for pad work providing safety and comfort. ..
    Unisex mitts featuring high qual...
    A simple, brutal work out tool that builds core power. Stylish and compact, our sled features two moveable drive posts which can be positioned either end of the sled for quick and easy direction changes. The drag zone has eyelets for attaching the Escape Speed Resistor. Functional, slimline desig..
    A simple, brutal work out tool t...
  • Reaction Ball
    The ultimate tool for improving your reactions, our Reaction Ball features a non-uniform design to really keep you on your toes. Challenging – our reaction ball bounces unpredictably, challenging first step explosive ability, essential for developing speed and power. Durable – made out of hard..
    The ultimate tool for improving ...
  • Rep Set Corner Rack
    The space-saving Rep Set Racks have a space efficient and unique design making them suitable for the smallest studio. Specifications: Size - 56.2" x 19.1" x 25.1" Capacity - Holds 8 Sets     ..
    The space-saving Rep Set Racks h...