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  • Multi Mat Storage Rack (Small)
    These sleek multi-mat storage racks are suitable for all Escape mats with eyelets, keeping them safe, dry and tidy when not in use. The small Freestanding Mat Storage Rack can store a choice from:  45 Yoga Mats, or 45 Eco Yoga Mats, or 30 Core Mats, or 15 Flex Mats Specifica..
    These sleek multi-mat storage ra...
  • Yoga Block
    Developed for heavy use our Yoga Block is made out of highquality foam and is heavier, stronger and will last longer than most lightweight alternatives. Specifications: Size 220mm x 140mm x 75mm. ..
    Developed for heavy use our Yoga...
  • Yoga Mat
    Our Yoga Mat is made out of compact foam and has been designed to allow for more grip and comfort when performing yoga moves. The material was chosen for its excellent grip, comfort and easy clean properties. The surface is specially formulated to ensure hands and feet stay in the correct posi..
    Our Yoga Mat is made out of comp...
  • Yoga Strap
    The Yoga Strap allows users to reach those hard-to-reach yoga positions thanks to the robust buckle that securely holds the strap in place. Made from 100% cotton. ..
    The Yoga Strap allows users to r...