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  • Ridge Roller
    Cool looking yet brilliantly effective, the Ridge Roller mimics the pressure applied by a sports therapist’s hands. The textured surface offers superb feel, allowing the user to apply significant, but bearable amounts of pressure on both muscle and fascia for a true pain/pleasure experience. T..
    Cool looking yet brilliantly eff...
  • Ubersoft Roller
    This roller is the ideal tool for those who are new to myofascial release, allowing beginners to achieve greater muscle flexibility while improving their balance. It’s also great at easing tension and tightness after workouts with a light, forgiving muscle and tissue massage. A great tool for pil..
    This roller is the ideal tool fo...
  • ULTRAFLEX Roller
    Made out of tough urethane, these rollers won’t bend, sag or smell. They are available in hard and soft variations. These rollers are extremely hygienic – the tough, durable non-porous material is resistant to dirt but still easy to wipe down. Perfectly proportioned size and diameter offer the..
    Made out of tough urethane, thes...
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