Weighted Balls

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  • Medicine Ball Rack (20 Balls)
    It’s vital that your gym members are using the right ball for their workouts. Whether it’s throwing and catching, slamming or bouncing, our range of balls have their own unique set of characteristics that will meet the demands of every user, no matter how hard, or light, their personal needs are...
    It’s vital that your gym members...
  • Medicine Ball Rack (5 Balls)
    The 5 ball Medicine Ball Rack is ideal for keeping your Medicine Balls tidy and easy to access. Holds 5 Medicine Balls or Double Grip Balls of any weight. Rack Specifications: 24.4" x 16" x 57". Weight 37 lbs. ..
    The 5 ball Medicine Ball Rack is...
  • Multi-Grip Medball
    The ergonomic handles are what these balls are all about – they’re extremely comfortable and chunkier than standard for improved strength. The handles allow users to grip the balls in multiple positions, for new and exciting exercise movements. Extra tough handles are moulded into the sides of th..
    The ergonomic handles are what t...
    From $80.00
  • Slamball
    Don’t be fooled by the forgiving, textured grip, the Slamball will make you work hard thanks to an unstable deadweight that will push you to the limit and challenge every muscle. The textured surface offers improved grip and allows users to put everything they’ve got into slamming it to the floor..
    Don’t be fooled by the forgiving...
    From $30.00
  • Total Grip Medball
    This ball gives traditional medicine balls a whole new twist. The added textures and hand positions on the surface make it easy to grip and handle when performing dynamic movements, while the unique surface formulation prolongs product life and ensures it stays looking fresher for longer. Bright ..
    This ball gives traditional medi...
    From $30.00
  • Vertball Rack
    Keep your VertBalls tidy with this quality rack. Holding four 350mm balls, this is a great addition to your gym. ..
    Keep your VertBalls tidy with th...