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  • Medicine Ball Rack (20 Balls)
    It’s vital that your gym members are using the right ball for their workouts. Whether it’s throwing and catching, slamming or bouncing, our range of balls have their own unique set of characteristics that will meet the demands of every user, no matter how hard, or light, their personal needs are...
    It’s vital that your gym members...
  • Medicine Ball Rack (5 Balls)
    The 5 ball Medicine Ball Rack is ideal for keeping your Medicine Balls tidy and easy to access. Holds 5 Medicine Balls or Double Grip Balls of any weight. Rack Specifications: 24.4" x 16" x 57". Weight 37 lbs. ..
    The 5 ball Medicine Ball Rack is...
  • Multi-Grip Medball
    The ergonomic handles are what these balls are all about – they’re extremely comfortable and chunkier than standard for improved strength. The handles allow users to grip the balls in multiple positions, for new and exciting exercise movements. Extra tough handles are moulded into the sides of th..
    The ergonomic handles are what t...
    From $80.00
  • Multiplyo Soft Box
    We’ve taken the great idea of a 3-in-1 Plyo Box and given it the Escape treatment. Made to the same dimensions as the boxes used in the Cross Fit Games, this great space saving box is the perfect tool to introduce beginners to plyometrics, while still providing seasoned Cross Fitters with the challe..
    We’ve taken the great idea of a ...
  • Plyosoft Box®
    Our variable-height Plyosoft Boxes are perfect for power development and performance. They can be used as a set of three or individually, helping you to progress and regress exercises. Suitable for a wide range of fitness abilities. Safe – our Plyosoft Boxes can be used together or individually a..
    Our variable-height Plyosoft Box...
    From $1,730.00
    A simple, brutal work out tool that builds core power. Stylish and compact, our sled features two moveable drive posts which can be positioned either end of the sled for quick and easy direction changes. The drag zone has eyelets for attaching the Escape Speed Resistor. Functional, slimline desig..
    A simple, brutal work out tool t...