Urethane Eco Rep Set

Urethane Eco Rep Set

Brand: Escape Fitness
Product Code: ECOSET
Price: $155.00

This environmentally friendly, high-quality rep set is the ideal choice for gyms that are passionate about getting the most out of their Group X classes.

The Eco Rep Set plates are crafted using a process that reduces their impact on the environment, in fact they are made from 93% recycled material. The plates are urethane coated to ensure they are extra hard-wearing and durable, making the set a great investment

The sleek, glossy black design will look good in any facility. The new green and black 1 1/8” Clamp Collar will ensure your members can alter their weights quickly between sets. You can use the plates on their own to add difficulty to bodyweight classes or as stations in a circuit.

Get more people involved in Group X for improved member retention and attraction. These eco-friendly rep sets are a cost effective solution for any gym wanting to attract more members to group classes.

Set includes: 2.5 lbs Black Eco Plates (Pair), 5 lbs Black Eco Plates (Pair), 10 lbs Black Eco Plates (Pair), 1 1/8" Hollow Bar with urethane end caps to help protect flooring, 1 1/8" Clamp Collars with protective rubber inserts (Pair).