Freestanding Punch Bags

Freestanding Punch Bags
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Freestanding Punch Bag

Brand: Escape Fitness
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Heavy Freestanding Punch Bag

EAN Code: HFSP100
Product SKU: HFSP100
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This heavy-duty, freestanding technique bag has been built to stand the test of time – it’s tough with an understated, functional design.

Durable β€“ designed for frequent use, features a special formulation foam base which is stronger and more resilient than plastic alternatives.

Ease of use β€“ our bag is composed of two parts which can be separated for transportation. This also makes it easy to move and store.

Marked targets give clients something to aim for while also making programming easier.

Specifications (two different bags):

Freestanding Punch BagSize 30" x 19.6". Weight 156 lbs

Heavy Freestanding Punch Bag: 33" x 71.6" Weight 234 lbs.