Ladders, Cones and Hurdles

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  • Adjustable Hurdle
    Adjustable height hurdle allows you to progress and regress exercise drills, offers multiple workout configurations and makes them suitable for both speed and accuracy training. No assembly is necessary – when it comes to varying the height of the hurdles, simply twist to adjust to the level you ..
    Adjustable height hurdle allows ...
  • Agility Grid System
    Durable linking clips allow endless layout configurations that will provide the definitive test of agility, power, co-ordination and speed. Impact resistant material for added durability. Easy to store and transport as they fold away flat, taking up little room. Connect to additional system..
    Durable linking clips allow endl...
  • Lateral Endurance Hurdle
    Made from soft memory foam, these soft hurdles are perfect for high intensity speed and agility drills. Safe – our hurdles feature a waterproof and wipe clean surface with a carefully counterbalanced base to provide stability. Innovative ‘soft’ construction ensures users will not hurt themselv..
    Made from soft memory foam, thes...
  • Speed Cones
    Perfect for speed drills and marking targets, our cones are portable and hard-wearing. A truly versatile product. Our cones are very stable thanks to their wide base, while the height creates a visual impact and user focus. Tough and made out of crush-resistant materials, these cones add purpo..
    Perfect for speed drills and mar...
  • Speed Discs
    Set the discs out in lanes, squares, zigzags or even as targets on the ground. With this simplest of products your creativity is the only barrier to success. High visibility cones make it easy to define space and create multiple layouts in the studio, functional area or outdoors. The gloss fin..
    Set the discs out in lanes, squa...
  • Speed Ladder
    Exercises and workouts have rarely involved working in straight lines – until now. We developed this ladder to create a series of straight-line targets and challenges. Each cell of the ladder is soft-sided rather than rigid to minimise any trip risk. Anti-tangle connecting strips help to keep ..
    Exercises and workouts have rare...