Speed Resistor

Speed Resistor

Brand: Escape Fitness
Product Code: EST-SR
Price: $78.00

A key tool for developing both speed and power, the added resistance helps harness explosive power and provides a challenge without compromising technique.

The adjustable and padded belt is stitched and folded to form layers of tough webbing to absorb even the most explosive blast out of the starting blocks.

A tough nylon outer sleeve protects the two parallel vulcanized resistance tubes and prevents damage.

All stress points are secure in the hands of even the most explosive athletes thanks to metal clips and D-rings.

Specifications: Resistance tubes are 94” long and attach to a belt which can fit up to a 39” waist.Tubes can stretch up to 24ft, providing 12.7 lbs of resistance at 100% elongation and 20 lbs at 200%.