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  • Resistance Parachute
    Professional athletes know all about training with a parachute but it’s a tool that can be used by everyone. Once you’ve finished developing explosive power you can pack up the parachute in its own carry bag which takes care of the heavy-duty webbing and the step-in belt. An adaptive air brake (a..
    Professional athletes know all a...
  • Speed Cones
    Perfect for speed drills and marking targets, our cones are portable and hard-wearing. A truly versatile product. Our cones are very stable thanks to their wide base, while the height creates a visual impact and user focus. Tough and made out of crush-resistant materials, these cones add purpo..
    Perfect for speed drills and mar...
  • Speed Discs
    Set the discs out in lanes, squares, zigzags or even as targets on the ground. With this simplest of products your creativity is the only barrier to success. High visibility cones make it easy to define space and create multiple layouts in the studio, functional area or outdoors. The gloss fin..
    Set the discs out in lanes, squa...
  • Speed Ladder
    Exercises and workouts have rarely involved working in straight lines – until now. We developed this ladder to create a series of straight-line targets and challenges. Each cell of the ladder is soft-sided rather than rigid to minimise any trip risk. Anti-tangle connecting strips help to keep ..
    Exercises and workouts have rare...
  • Speed Resistor
    A key tool for developing both speed and power, the added resistance helps harness explosive power and provides a challenge without compromising technique. The adjustable and padded belt is stitched and folded to form layers of tough webbing to absorb even the most explosive blast out of the star..
    A key tool for developing both s...