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  • Escape Lift Zone
    This heavy-duty and flexible lifting platform offers superb shock absorption, ensuring your flooring is protected from damage and marking. Protective – this robust platform protects flooring while the construction helps deaden any noise. Safe – the platform creates a designated, flat area for ..
    This heavy-duty and flexible lif...
    From $1,999.00
  • Individual Cross Grip Olympic Plates
    Whether you’re lifting with a bar or using a plate loading machine, our urethane discs are manufactured to be tough and versatile, making them the ideal training tool. Guaranteed accuracy to within +/-1.6% for 1.5kg to 5kg and +/-1% for 5kg to 25kg weights. Ergonomic handles allow users to pic..
    Whether you’re lifting with a ba...
    From $40.00
  • Individual SBX™ Barbells
    Fixed Barbells enable users to perform fundamental lifts and strength movements. Manufactured using our SBX™ rubber, these Barbells are hard-wearing and shock absorbing. ..
    Fixed Barbells enable users to p...
    From $875.00
  • Mobility Bar
    The mobility bar is perfect for technique training using its hand position indicators. PRIMARY USE: Warm-up, technique WEIGHT: 0.6kg SHAFT DIAMETER: 32mm LENGTH: 1600mm ..
    The mobility bar is perfect for ...
  • Olympic Clamp Collars 50mm (Pair)
    A great looking collar for general strength training. Quick twist design for speed and extra tight fit to ensure safety. Not recommended for Olympic lifting. What are they? A proven way of retaining lightweight Olympic discs onto bars. When would I use them? Locking lever system is easier to..
    A great looking collar for gener...
  • Olympic Storage Station
    A solution for safely storing discs, bars and collars on a single unit. It keeps items off the floor, eliminating trip hazards, and at a glance lets you know the set is complete. Olympic Storage Station holds 2 Olympic Disc Packs and 2 Olympic Bar. Dimensions: L1260 x W840 x H1220mm Weig..
    A solution for safely storing di...