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  • Power Bands
    Power Bands allow you to develop explosive strength, power and speed.  By securing the bands to barbells, dumbbells and machines the bands provide progressive resistance for traditional exercises such as squats or bench presses.  Heavy-duty workout bands can be used for general strength tr..
    Power Bands allow you to develop...
    From $20.00
  • SBX™ Dumbbells
    SBX™ is a material unique to Escape that performs better than natural rubber – it’s very durable and tough. The urethane end plate uses our patented fixing system, which means they’ll never work loose or fall off. What can they be used for? These dumbbells can be used for all fitness applicatio..
    SBX™ is a material unique to Esc...
    From $115.00
  • SBX™ Olympic Rubber Plates
    We took the design of our Urethane Cross Grip Plates and adapted it for our SBX™ Plates to improve functionality. Tough – our SBX™ rubber has been developed with industry experts to provide added durability to weighted gym equipment. The easy-grip handles ensure smoother and more effectiv..
    We took the design of our Uretha...
    From $15.00
  • Single Torso Trainer
    A diverse multi-planar training tool great for total body strength and power workouts, enabling the user to add rotation to traditional power patterns. Specifications: Size 650mm x 930mm x 390mm. Weight 23kg. We recommend this product is used with bumper plates. ..
    A diverse multi-planar training ...
    From $499.00
  • Spring Collar - 50mm (Each)
    An old favourite, this traditional spring design collar is a cost effective way to secure your plates for general light training. Not recommended for Olympic lifting. Features: Easy grip handles Fast action springs make these collars simple and quick to use Made from spring steel with plastic ..
    An old favourite, this tradition...
  • Toast Rack
    This sturdy steel Toast Rack comes complete with wheels for ease of mobility and holds up to ten Cross Training Bumper Plates – 2 x 11 lbs, 2 x 22 lbs, 2 x 33 lbs, 2 x 44 lbs, 2 x 55 lbs and 2 x Olympic Bars. ..
    This sturdy steel Toast Rack com...